Guava Leaves Therapy That Will Stop Your Hair Loss Effectively

guava leaves AWhen hair loss sets in, it creates a void that leaves you with desperation on how or what to do to grow it back. Hair loss can be experienced by both sexes at any age and it may be characteristic of complete balding, partial balding or gradual hair size reduction. The reasons that cause this problem are very many but for the better part, we will give you a solution instead.

The guava fruit is a tropical fruit that can be eaten wholly or squeezed to make guava juice. Its leaves are green and from their symmetry, you can easily tell that guava belongs to the dicotyledonous group of plants. For centuries, guava leaves have been used for both medicinal and beauty purposes, in totality, there are close to 17 known benefits. Amongst these benefits is their ability to stop hair loss and subsequently encourage hair growth.

Why guava leaves for your hair? Guava leaves contain only natural compounds known to eliminate hair loss. Going natural is the safest and healthier way to deal with sensitive hair and scalp problems. guava leaves 1

Natural compounds in guava leaves

Vitamin C is the most important compound in the guava leaf. It is a water soluble vitamin which carries out its antioxidant properties. Some free radicals present in our bodies are often to blame for various hair and scalp conditions. If these radicals are not eliminated they may affect cellular activity which leads to tissue breakdown thus hair loss. Vitamin C also encourages faster hair growth by boosting its collagen activity. Another compound present in the guava leaf is lycopene, it prevents the sun’s ultraviolet rays from penetrating the hair follicles.

Weak damaged hair can break off easily even with the slightest tough. You will have to create an emergency hair repair routine for such type of hair. Vitamin B2 which is very abundant in guava leaves aids in hair repair. Its activity gives the hair some bounce and shines as its volume increases.

How to use guava leaves on your hair?

Follow this step by step regimen as you use the guava leaves therapy:

1. Prepare your guava solution by boiling a handful of guava leaves in a liter of water, this does for 20 minutes and let it cool.

2. As the solution cools, embark on the hair and scalp preparation. Wash it thoroughly to ensure that it is free from any hair product. Untreated hair allows the compounds to penetrate the hair faster and easier without having to undergo any chemical reactions with the compounds present in hair care products.

3. Separate the guava solution and the leaves by straining it into a bowl.

4. Use your fingertips to apply the solution onto the hair, start from the roots and move to the tips.

5. Once you have covered the entire head, massage both hair, and scalp gently for a few minutes or as long as you want.

6. Give the therapy some 30 minutes or even better some hours for it to effectively reach your hair, its roots, and scalp.

7. Wash out the solution with some warm water and pat your hair dry using a clean towel.

These 7 steps are quite easy and you really don’t need any assistance to get the therapy done. Ensure that you stick to this regimen regularly for quicker and cheaper hair loss prevention.