Affordable Non-Surgical Alternatives to Hair Restoration

hair-replacement-system Losing your hair is traumatic enough without adding to the problem by limiting yourself solely to hair restoration therapies that require surgical intervention. Not only are they very expensive, but they can also be quite painful. Additionally, many of these procedures require multiple visits and can have extended recovery times.

Fortunately, there are non-surgical alternatives to hair-restoration. These options are not only far more affordable than their surgical counterparts but also offer the benefit of being fast and painless.

Chief among these non-surgical options is the use of a hair replacement system. Such systems involve using a partial wig to recreate the look and feel of real hair. It is important to note that modern hair replacement systems are on a different level of quality and realism than the toupees of earlier generations. The way that they are crafted and fitted result in a look that is natural — nobody can tell that you are wearing a hair replacement system.

These systems are made with synthetic as well as real human hair. They are available in a wide variety of hair colors, densities, and textures. This means that regardless of what your natural hair style is, you will easily find one that matches your real hair with incredible precision. Regardless of your age or ethnicity, a precise match is assured.

The actual hair pieces used in these systems are made by attaching natural or synthetic hair to a finely woven lace base. These lace bases when placed against the skin become practically undetectable. This method of construction results in natural looking hairlines without bulk. That means that the bulky look is seen in toupees of decades ago simply does not exist with these systems. In fact, those using these hair replacement systems are able to sculpt their hair style to nearly any modern hair style. Yes, they are that natural looking.

The method of attachment of these hair pieces is accomplished by the use of either scalp tape or special bonding adhesives. Both of these options give the user of the hair system their choice of a bond that can last weeks or one that is suitable for daily removal. The vast majority of those who wear these types of hair replacement systems praise how light and natural they are. They mention how they often forget that they are wearing them.

Apart from hair restoration systems that are designed to emulate a full growth of hair, there is also another non-surgical hair restoration option known as scalp micro pigmentations. This involves using pigmentation on the scalp, similar to the procedure used in applying tattoos, but with a finer degree of detail. Often multiple colors are used to replicate the natural look of cropped hair.

Scalp micropig mentation does not replicate the growth or look of fully grown hair, but it can be used to help reduce the detection of crown balding and receding hairlines. It can also be used to recreate a full hairline with the appearance of a recently cropped or shaved head.

Just as in other aesthetic and medical fields, modern technology has greatly enhanced the number of options available to us to make us look and feel our best. In the case of non-surgical hair restoration, modern hair replacement systems and scalp micro pigmentation offer the best options for realistic results in a way that is fast, painless and above all, affordable.

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