Is hair transplant the only solution for baldness ?

Is the hair transplant addressing the full baldness ?

Responding to the question whether it could be the work of hair transplant for those suffering from baldness full of all the

Doctors said that if a person has full baldness is not a suitable candidate for hair transplantation, and is advisable to use other options such as hair system (the Wig) . Because he had no head hair can be taken and distributed to the balding areas.

Hair transplant is actually not increased for hair, but rather a redistribution of hair found with the person in the other area, During the operation is taking hair follicles from certain regions of the person and cultivated on the same person in other places suffer from baldness or lack of hair.

In genetic male baldness (androgenic male pattern alopecia) can be redistributed hair taking from the back of the head and implanted in the frontal area of the head.

There are two ways to get the hair:images-41

_First called strip harvesting, the slice is taken from the scalp, hair follicles and then take them, and then grown the unintended region.

As a result of the wound, which consists of taking slide is up and sew it closed, and usually, the hair grows and covers the region. One downside of this method is that it may lead to the occurrence of a long scar slide taken place.

_The second method is follicular unit extraction(FUE)which are taking the hair follicle directly from the scalp, through  a device that uses negative pressure then grown in the place of destination, it may also be saved in a physiologically chilled saline solution for hours and then replanted.
Method follicles unit extraction is the latest and given a more natural look.
Hair follicles are planted in the target using forceps judgment on the outcome of hair.

Transplantation requires a wait of three to six months because the transplanted hair may fall initially and then return to growth. So to judge the outcome of the process must wait six months.

After a hair transplant, there may occur pain, because it is surgery, and swelling of the scalp may occur ,which is normal ,so the patient is given treatments to relieve pain and swelling,

Numbness may occur after of transplant as a result of cutting some of the sensory nerves, but the feeling back three to six months.

Scalp blood perfusion has very high so the healing after surgery usually is fast.

In some cases, the hair transplant may not succeed, for example, may not grow hair cropped or fail out of place, or if the person is suffering from a severe cough after planting, so the period after grafting is to maintain the stability of the hair transplanted.

You can perform hair transplant more than once, but most wait of the first ID of grafting by the following procedure:

Male baldness can be divided into four grades: the sample, the sample average, and between moderate and severe.

The first visit to the Doctor is very important advisory visit because the patient is in a favorable position and whether he had diseases may slow down the healing process after transplant.

It’s important to understand the patient’s expectations of the transplant. Because in some cases be forecast abnormal.

You must determine whether the donor (donor site) hair contain an adequate amount of hair suitable and quality, for example, we need for the grafting the rate of eighty hairs per square centimeter donor in the region.

If the hair density less than forty hairs per square centimeter, a person deemed to be a candidate is not suitable for hair transplant (pour candidate) means that the likelihood of success of planting is less.

Usually, in the hair transplant, it’s grown between eight hundred and two thousand implants and contains between two thousand to three thousands hair.

It is important to choose a doctor and medical center, which has experience in hair transplant.

You cannot grow hair from one person to another, but  the process is taken from the same person’s hair

And distribute it in other places

The success of hair transplants in male genetic balding scalp healthy rate up to 95%.

Hair transplant cost


Hair transplant is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries among men due to the injury of men bald hormone, which other treatments fail to treat, especially the progress situations.


Stations that require hair transplant:

People with genetic hair loss hormone are most category request for such surgery, resulting from that case is difficult to treat

Pharmaceutical, which operates mostly to keep the hair follicles already existing, and help the growth of new follicles.

Pharmacological methods require continuous follow up in use over a lifetime, which is a headache for some and difficult to

To achieve and commitment done, and the results were unsatisfactory to many.

The number of sessions required by the hair transplant surgery and cost:

Most cases don’t require more than two sessions to plant the bulbs. Separated by six months, and often are planting about 700 per session.

Confirms clinic that the hair follicles, which are implanted natural hair treatment deal in terms of growth and exposure to the elements drought and embrittlement

As for the cost of hair transplant surgery the price ranges:

In USA from $ 5000 to more than $10000.

In Western Europe from $4000 to $7000.

In other countries ranging cost natural hair transplant operations from $2000 to $5000.











Hair transplant

Baldness affects men more than women, which is always a genetic and hormonal causes.kind-doctor-treats-hair-loss_4d6ac481a50fc709

Many of the embarrassment of his appearance and affect the confidence in himself and must all

Know that there is no product restores hair once again.

Only hair transplant which is to ensure the restoration of hair once again permanently.

Ways to reduce hair loss:

-the important of vitamins to nourish hair.

_Taking enough sleep.

_Avoid using electric dry.

_Use shampoos nutrients for the hair.


Hair transplants are one of the most common operations and significant feature that uses natural

Hair reversing artificial hair.

What is a hair transplant?download-10

Is the eradication of the roots of the hair from the back of the head to the empty places of hair in the front.

This measure is a topical anesthetic for the scalp only, and the person is awake and in full consciousness.

Types of hair transplant:

There are two ways to take the hair from the root until its planted  in the front of the head:

The first way to grow hair.

It called the side way to grow hair, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) which is where a small slice  of the back of the head is taken and is broken down into very small segments so that each slice contains a single hair under a microscope dedicated to it.

The second way to grow hair:

It’s the latest that is working now and is called noun–surgical way to grow natural hair follicular unit The extraction (FUE) .Is the device to pull a single hair from the root bulb with a way to plant directly into the desired segment.

Once you take out the hair from its roots are planted in the two methods in the same way. It’s the work of a very small hole in the desired part and which range from hundreds to thousands of bulbs, a relatively long process because they are planting these bulbs one by one.

Are there any complications from hair transplant?

There are no complications since they are local anesthesia.

Some infections could have been prevented with antibiotics may occur.

Some swelling and bruising may occur in the front area disappear gradually.